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Screw screen compactor
Vertical Screw Screen with compactor, SEFT manufacturing all machines customized.
Vertical machine for combined screening, lifting and compaction of the solids present in wastewater treatment. The screw screen intercepts directly the channel or the piping of arrival of water to treat
Composition Vertical Screw Screen Compactor:
- A tubular transport section.
- A loading zone with cylindrical or semi cylindrical screen connected to the inlet pipe.
- A discharging section with or without compactor.
- The liquid grilled exits from the basket kept clean by the brushes in nylon bolted on the surface of the screw, while the solids are extracted and discharged.
- The length of the transport section is variable according to the needs and is available a wide range of holes of filtration.
Advantages Vertical Screw Screen Compactor:
- Customized equipment
- High percentage of solid removed
- Low speed of rotation and no intermediate supports
- Self-cleaning with brushes fit on the screw
- Low maintenance and low initial investment
- Considerable reduction of volume and weight at the end of processing (up to 35-40%)
When required, the compactor is installed in the upper part of the screw conveyor at the end of the grating transport area and performs the compaction and dehydration of the solid to reduce its weight and volume up to 50%
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Screw screen compactor Screw screen compactor SEFT
- Vertical Screw Screen compactor
- Screening of Wastewater treatment plants
- Industrial wastewater treatment plants
- Tanneries Industries
- Beverage Industries
- Laundries industries
- Slaughterhouses
- Paper mill industries
- Textile industry
- Fish industry
- Food and chemical industries
- Plastic recycling industries

Vertical Screw Screen Compactor

- Loading basket washing system
- Transport section washing system
- Insulation for transport section / compactor
- Speed variation manual device
- Screening bag-filling system ongoing
- Transport section extension / shortening