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Screw Screen in tank
The FC/C screw screen is equipped with fully sealed stainless steel container to allow installation where there is not provided a concrete channel. The container is complete with flanged stub pipe of input and output. The container can have a cassette side bypass rake screen (optional).
This equipment works like the channel screw screen, model FC, the only difference being the addition of the container.
Advantages Screw screen in tank:
- Low speed of rotation and no intermediate supports
- Self-cleaning with brushes fit on the screw
- Low maintenance and low initial investment
- High percentage of solid removed
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Screw Screen in tank quality SEFT Screw Screen in tank SEFT

- Screw screen in tank

- Industrial wastewater treatment plants
- Municipal sewage treatment plants
- Tanneries Industries
- Beverage Industries
- Laundries industries
- Slaughterhouses
- Paper mill industries
- Textile industry
- Fish industry
- Food and chemical industries
- Plastic recycling industries

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