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Sgrigliatore automatico e autopulente a nastro Grigliatura fine acque reflue | SEFT
The Mechanical Bar Screen is a automatic equipment that is are installed directly in the channels of wastewater treatment plants, during continuous operation phase what does not pass through the spacing of the grid is collected and discharged from the discharge spout located at the top of machine.
The use of this type of mechanical equipment is optimal to obtain a fine screening from 1mm to 40mm, the screening is compound for elements multi rake in reinforced technopolymer with high mechanical and thermal performance.
The automatic cleaning or self-cleaning of the filtering elements of this equipment, is done by nozzles placed in the upper part of the machine, and from 2 systems of brushes which allow to obtain the clean of the filtering screen at each rotation.
The construction material of the external structure of this equipment is in stainless steel AISI 304L or AISI 316L
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