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Filto colcea SEFT
Combined machine for the separation and compaction of solid present on the waste water coming from municipal and industrial plants of various kinds.
The Screw screen compactor:
- Loading basket:
- Drilled sheet or wedge wire
- Transport section: tubular or U-section
- Compaction and discharging section
- Adjustable feet
The compactor is located in the upper part of the machine at the end of the transport section, carries out the compaction/dehydration of the solid to reduce the weight and the volume.
Advantage of screw screen compactor:
- Installation directly in the channel
- Low speed of rotation and no intermediate supports
- Self-cleaning with brushes fit on the screw
- Low maintenance and low initial investment
- High percentage of solid removed
When required, the compactor is installed in the upper part of the screw conveyor at the end of the grating transport area and performs the compaction and dehydration of the solid to reduce its weight and volume up to 50%
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Filtrococlea con compattatore grigliatura fine Filtrococlea con compattatore SEFT

- Screw screen compactor wwtp

- Civil wastewater treatment plants
- Industrial wastewater treatment plants
- Tanneries Industries
- Beverage Industries
- Laundries industries
- Slaughterhouses
- Paper mill industries
- Textile industry
- Fish industry
- Food and chemical industries
- Plastic recycling industries

- Screw screen compactor screening in wwtp

- Baskets’ side extensions

- Transport section washing system

- Insulated heating tub

- Screw speed variation device

- Bag-filling system ongoing

- Transport section extension - shortening