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The SMC paddle mixer is designed for mixing sludge and lime to obtain stabilized sludge. The compact twin shaft mixer can be easily retrofitted to new or existing sludge stabilization processes for wastewater treatment plants. Two rotating shafts facilitate the mixing of lime and mud. Each blade can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the mud. Slurry and lime are fed into one end of the mixer housing from above. Rotating shafts ensure good mixing of the material. Simultaneously the angle of the vanes carries the sludge/lime mixture to the outlet at the other end of the machine. The vanes can be fixed at any angle to the shaft axis, whereby the sludge retention time can be extended or shortened. The unit's rugged stainless steel construction makes it versatile for many municipal and industrial applications.
- Silent operation
- Homogeneous mixture
- Compact size
- Adjustable paddles
- Easy to maintain

Unit Automatic for flocculating polyelectrolyte preparation

Sludge treatment conditioning and dehydration

Wastewater treatment plants

Municipal purification plants

Industrial purification plants

Agri-food industries

Beverage industries

Livestock farms

Meat processing

Fish processing

Paper industries

Textile industries

PLC automated control panel

Polymer dosing

Sludge treatment