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Bar Screen wastewater treatment equipment SEFT

Bar screen

- The coarse screening is the first operation that must be performed in a civil and industrial wastewater treatment plant. For these needs SEFT proposes The CRS model which is a bar screen composed of fixed bars and a rake / comb for separation the screening material.
- This system of screening has the purpose of intercepting and subsequently eliminating the solids of high dimensions that could damage or slow down the purification processes and the equipment of the plant or obstruct the pipes, and is particularly important upstream of the lifting stations, for protect the electric pumps.
- The bar screen, comb or chain rake, is equipment designed for the coarse screening of sewage entering the purification plants, the filtration, or bar thickness, is chosen according to the type and quantity of material and considering the depurative process scheme adopted.
- The filtering screen is a fixed bar screen, this machine is able to block the material in suspension, lift them out of the water flow, by means of the cleaning combs o rake, and convey them to the drain placed in the upper part of the machine, in the unloading area a mechanical cleaning system causes the collected material to fall a container.
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Bar Screen wastewater treatment equipment SEFT Bar Screen wastewater treatment equipment customized SEFT

- Bar screen in wastewater treatment plants

- Municipal wastewater treatment plants

- Industrial waste water treatment plants

- Tanneries Industry

- Laundries Industry

- Slaughterhouses

- Paper mill Industry

- Textile industry

- Fish industry

- Food & Beverage industry

- Chemical industry

- customized equipment