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Auger - Screw Conveyors

Screw - Auger Conveyor System | Dosing and transport materials

SEFT: customized manufacturing auger conveyors or screw conveyor entirely customized to the individual needs of transferring solid or semi-solid materials within industries in various production sectors, they can be built in various versions or with accessories and equipment suitable for the intended purpose.
With the TCA and TSA models we can have conveyors with or without a shaft, which rotates inside a trough with one or more loading hoppers and one or more discharge mouths or it can also consist of a spiral with a central shaft and thanks when connected directly to the motorization, different inclinations can be reached and it is also available in a vertical version.
The spirals are generally made of 304L / 316L stainless steel or of high-strength carbon steel, with different pitch types and thicknesses. Our technical department is able to offer a co-design service in collaboration with the customer.
All models, TSA and TCA screw or auger conveyor are ISO 9001 certified innovative, solid and durable over time and with a SEFT warranty.
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