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Screw Compactors

Compacting screening in wastewater treatment plants


- In order to satisfy the needs of washing and compacting the screening material, SEFT proposes two PSA and PTL models with functional specifications to individual needs, the screw compactor is composed of: a spiral with or without central shaft, a drainage section, a conveyor with U-shaped channel and a compactor.
- The compacting auge - screwr with central shaft is an equipment composed of a cylindrical shaped structure in 304L or 316L stainless steel inside which a spiral with a thick shaft conveys the material first towards the material washing chamber and then towards the pipe of exit..
- SEFT supplies two models, the PSA is a screw compactor without an internal shaft that allows three different and simultaneous operations: drainage, transport and compacting, offers the advantage of reduced maintenance and no mechanical part enters into contact with the product and it is completely closed and therefore odorless. The PTL screw compactor with central shaft allows the compaction of the grill with a volume reduction up to and over 60% and washing of the same..
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