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Impianto combinato di pretrattamento acque reflue | progettazione e produzione personalizzata | SEFT
This Combined Pretreatment Compact Unit equipment is fed by a pump or to gravity, through a fixed pipe. The effluent passes through a screw screen that removes the most large solid particles, then goes to a sedimentation tank where the particles sedimented are then removed by a system of scews. As an option you can install the system for removal of fats and suspended oils.
Features Combined Pretreatment Compact Unit:
- Filtration - Screens
- Wash and compaction of solids removed
- Extraction of sand - grit
- Degreasing (on GDF/D version)
Advantages Combined Pretreatment Compact Unit:
- No odor
- Low operating costs and maintenance
- Reduced space requested
- Building work is not necessary
- Ease of installation and management
- Low organic matter in the solid residue extracted
- Reduction up to 40% in volume of solids removed
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Impianto compatto di pretrattamento acque reflue SEFT SEFT Impianti compatti di pretrattamento acque reflue Progettazione e costruzione su misura

Combined Pretreatment Compact Unit

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