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Rotary Drum Screen Filter GRR

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Rotary Drum Screen Filter fine screen by SEFT

Fine screening in wwtp

The Rotary Drum Screen Filter model GRR is a equipment automatic and self-cleaning in wastewater treatment, this equipment is manufacture of stainless steel with a drum filter made of wedge wire profile.
The wastewater flows inside the feeding tank through a flanged spout and it is conveyed on the external surface of the filtering drum by a special distributor.
The cleaned water get through the filtering surface toward the outlet spout, while the solid particles remain on the rotary drum surface and they are subsequently removed by a fix brass scraper at the outside of the drum.
The filtering is kept clean by a washing system, the filtering part is ready to repeate the cycle at every turn since it is without obstacles.
Advantages of Rotary Drum Screen Filter:
- Customized equipment 
- Built entirely of stainless steel AISI 304L - 316L
- Compact size 
- Low maintenance
- Automatic and Self-cleaning
- Drum: with Wedge Wire starting from 0,25mm
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Rotary Drum Screen Filter fine screen dwg by SEFT Customized equipment in wastewater treatment Rotary Drum Filter manufacture by SEFT

Automatic Rotary Drum Screen Filter

Fine screen equipment in wastewater treatment plants
Municipal wastewater treatment plants
Industrial wastewater treatment plants
Tanneries Industry
Beverage Industry
Laundries industry
Paper mill industry
Textile industry
Fish industry
Food and chemical industry
Plastic recycling industry

Customized Rotary Drum Screen, fine screen in wwtp