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Grit Separator "Coanda" Washer dwg
Grit washing CLS / LC separate and wash sand from wastewater of various nature: municipal and industrial of different types. It consist of a large conical hopper for sand setting, sedimentation and washing, and a tubular screw for conveying and dehydration the collected material.
The conical shape of the hopper, the special counter-washing system and the low rotational internal stirrer allow the machinery to wash the sands and separate the organic matter. This equipment is completely enclosed by sealing and cover in order to avoid the odours and contamining matter outcoming.
Functions of Grit  Washer:
On the upper part of the hopper there is a flanged inlet introducing the material to be treated in the machine. The conical shape of the hopper and the movement system through the low rotational stirrer make a twirl enabling the sand washing and setting. The heavier sand particles settled on the bottom of the hopper where a counter-current system allows the washing; therefore the washed material reaches the coupling linking to the screw.
On the side of the hopper there is a proper outlet allowing the outcoming of the lightest material. The screw on the bottom of the machine is able to extract the collected material, dehydrating it and uplifting it towards the outlet in order to convey it in a container.
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Grit Washer Coanda Grit Washer Coanda Grit Washer Coanda by SEFT

Grit Removal and Sands Washer "coanda" system

Municipal wastewater treatment plants
Industrial wastewater treatment plants
Tanneries Industries
Beverage Industries
Laundries industries
Paper mill industries
Textile industry
Fish industry
Food and chemical industries
Plastic recycling industries

Wastewater treatment plants

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