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Station dosing system - customized design and manufacture by SEFT

Automatic polymer dosing

preparation systems to dissolve and dilute powder and emulsion needed at the conditioning and mechanical dehydration of the sludge to be treated inside the purification plants, SEFT proposes an automatic station is polyelectrolyte polypreparing machine for the  continuous preparation of the fluocculant substances necessary to complete the chemical / physical process that favors the dewatering of the sludge.
- Operation:  
- The powdered polyelectrolyte stored in a hopper is transported by a screw conveyor, and dosed in a first sector of the dilution tank, where it is appropriately diluted with water thanks to the action of an electromechanical agitator which favors its dissolution. At the end of this first phase the solution passes into a second sector to complete the preparation, to then conclude the process in a third sector of maturation, and be ready for use.    
- Same process for the preparation of the polyelectrolyte from a liquid concentrate takes place, instead of the powder doser a dosing pump is installed. Combined system liquid / powder systems allow maximum flexibility of use, also on the same equipment
-The passage between the various internal sectors of the tank is managed and controlled by a system of communicating vessels that automatically interrupt or resume its function once the desired level is reached by sector, this process is controlled and automated by an automated PLC electrical control panel.
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