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Impianti di dosaggio calce - IDC
IDC silo storage and dosing of lime model is used in drinking water treatment plants, wastewater and industrial applications. The most frequent use of the system is for the dissolution and the preparation of emulsion of lime or with systems of compound for the dehydration or conditioning of sludge.
The silos, vertical cylindrical and conical bottom, are made of carbon steel welded and supported by metal structures in relation to the size of each silo. The finishing exterior is sandblasting SA 2 1/2, a layer of insulation and a layer of finish.
The lime is charged via the special piping flanged placed at the base of the silos in concomitance with the starting of the dust exhaust filter at the top. The filter is of the type with cartridges specific material for such products. The silos are at least three indicators of the level to indicate the fill level.
At the base of the silos can be used two systems of descent of the product to avoid blocking of the material, one by means of special nozzles of shaking compressed air, the other with a conical bottom vibrant through electro vibrator. Finally we have the dosing and conveying screw of lime. The inclination of operation is 40° max., the type of dosage is volumetric and is done by a motovariator.

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