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Grit - Sand Removal

Grit Removal - Sand Separator - Oil and Grease Removal

- They are fundamental steps in the pre-treatment of wastewater SEFT designs, manufactures and sells, even customized, a wide range of machines, equipment and combined systems that can include the screening phase as well as grit removal and de-oiling, with a precise specifications to this type of purification..

- Sand classifiers - Grit removal, also in the oil removal version for industrial wastewater purification for various sectors, SEFT designs and manufactures your standard or customized sands classifiers or Grit removal. High technology and quality ISO 9001 at the service of our customers, in Italy and in the rest of the world.
- The Grit removal, also known as CLS or sand separator, is an equipment / machine designed specifically for the classification and separation of the sand present in wastewater, it consists of a decantation hopper, a spiral screw, for the extraction, transport and unloading of sand, and a transport channel with a U-shaped section 
- Various models or versions are available as in the respective sections below, the CLS sand separator with an auger of the type without internal shaft used for the extraction, transport and unloading of sand. Grit washer coandă effect CLS-LC suitable for separation and to sand and washing, GDF - VDS or STV are systems or combined units which, being multifunctional, can also carry out the screnning and perform the pre-treatment of wastewater of various origins or various industrial sectors. For each type of wastewater treatment we have the right solution!
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