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Septage Receiving Station

Septage Receiving Station Unit STV/C

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Septage Receiving Station Unit Customized Equipment SEFT
design and manufacturing ability of SEFT with the realization of product that can be customized in all parts to be satisfaction each customer request.
STV/C is a unit compact able to carry out the pre-treatment of screening of wastewater from industrial processes of various types. Before they are released in wastewater treatment plants.
The entrance is equipped with a quick attack (Perrot type) and an electromechanical valve.
The wastewater discharged directly from the tanker, is filtered by a screw screen that removes the solids that are then drained and compacted and then discharged into a bin or bagged.
Functions of Septage Receiving Station:
- Screen - Filtration
- Fecal sludge treatment
- Sludge dehydration / compaction of the solid removed
Advantages of Septage Receiving Station:
- Equipment Customized
- No odor
- No pumps
- No obstructions
- Low operating costs and maintenance
- Compact equipment
- Construction work is not necessary
- Low residual content of organic matter
- Reduction up to 40% volume of the solid removed
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Septage Receiving Station - Fecal sludge in wastewater treatment plants SEFT Septage Receiving Station - Fecal sludge Unit Customized Equipment in wwtp SEFT

Septage Receiving Station | Sludge Treatment

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