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This equipment is separates sands by extraction, in wastewater treatment of various sector municipal or industrial. It is also called sand classifier or sand washer.
Composition of Grit removal:
- a decantation hopper
- U-section through
- A shaftless screw conveyor, conveniently go into proportion, for extraction, transport and unloading sands
The wastewater (water + sands / grit) enters the hopper through a flanged inlet: here, decantation and settling of the solid particles takes place on the bottom of the tank. The special screw conveys the separated material toward the discharging spout.
The clean water comes out of the hopper thanks to an overflow system linked to a flanged outlet. The low rotational speed and the special anti-wear covering fixed on the transport section assure an high efficiency and a low wearing of the machine’s internal parts.
Advantages of Grit separator:
- Design and manufacture customized
- No mechanical parts in contact with the sewage
- Low erection and maintenance costs
- Possibility of sand washing before discharging
- Completely close machine
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Grit Removal wwtp

Municipal wastewater treatment plants
Industrial wastewater treatment plants
Tanneries Industries
Beverage Industries
Laundries industries
Paper mill industries
Textile industry
Fish industry
Food and chemical industries
Plastic recycling industries

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