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Compact Screw Screen with Tank CSS/C

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Compact Screw Screen with Tank wwtp SEFT
The Compact Screw-Screen with tank model CSS/C is an economic solution, equipment designed for a solids separation in the domestic effluent and to block and to collect the material present at the same time and it permits to improve the overall performance of the wastewater treatment system before.
It’s possible to use the CSS/C also for other industrial and municipal applications, but in this case please contact us and follow our recommendation and supervisioning of our technicians.
Thanks to the special design and inclination the CSS is studied for a perfect and “plug & play” installation for: channels, wells and artificial pools.
It’s very easy to connect it directly at the existing pipe through a “commercial” flange (DN-PN).
Available in 2 models:
- Compact Screw-Screen with tank CSS/C 168
- Compact Screw-Screen with tank CSS/C 219
- Filtration’s range: from 3 up to 6 mm
- Volume reduced of 40% approximately
- Inlet flange dimension: DN100-DN150 PN10
- Flow rate: 16-20 m3/h with municipal-domestic wastewater (for other applications, contact us)
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