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Screening WWTP

Equipment fine and coarse screens in Wastewater Treatment Plants, Design, manufacture customized and supply

- Mechanical and automatic system to screens in wastewater treatment plant, Rotary drum screen, Bar screen automatic and continuous belt screen and Screw screen for all these SEFT products the applications are different, customized and with many advantages, machines or plants built in stainless steel 304L or 316L Their maintenance is very reduced and in many cases they are also self-cleaning and adaptable to existing structures.
- The Bar screen automatic and continuous belt screen, is composed of high-performance technopolymer filter elements with high mechanical and thermal resistance and are designed for long life. This equipment is installed vertically directly in the channels of the purification plants, its operation is rotary and the material one that does not pass between the filtration spacing is collected and discharged in the upper part of the machine, the use of the automatic bar screen cleaner is ideal to obtain a fine screening of wastewater.
- The Bar screen CRS has been design for coarse screening, which is the first operation to be performed in civil or industrial wastewater treatment plants, the purpose of the Bar screens is to eliminate high solids dimensions that could damage or slow down the purification processes and the equipment of the system or obstruct the pipes, with to the screens by SEFT it is possible to intercept the suspension bodies to lift them out of the water flow and direct them to the drain thanks to the cleaning rakes.
- Between the products for the wastewater screenig the Rotary Drum Filter GRR could not be missing this equipment consisting of a structure inside which rotates a filter with a surface in the shape of a 'V' wedg wire with a distance between the coils equivalent to the desired filtration light. In the fine screening the sewage or wastewater enters through a feeding tank and is distributed on the filtering cylinder and after successive steps the filtering part appears at every turn without particles and is ready to repeat the cycle.
- In addition to the equipment listed above, we have the Screw screen FC-FCP in various models and models with or without compactor, Vertical screw screen FCP / V or Screw screen with rotating drum filter FCR are all customizable in size and filtration in the section dedicated to fine screening of Wastewater treatment plants you can find the solution for your needs, or contact us and we can evaluate together the most suitable equipment.
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