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Polymer Dosing System

Automatic polymer dosing station or system for liquid or powder polyelectrolyte flocculant.


Custom design and construction!


The Polypreparator is an automatic preparation station of the fluocoling polyelectrolyte, it is a container or tank in stainless steel where separators are inserted inside in order to create sectors with communicating vessels, it is used in the processes of mechanical dewatering of sludge.

The liquid or powdered polyelectrolyte is diluted with water in a way proportional to the desired degree of concentration. The powdered polyelectrolyte is inserted into a hopper and transported with a screw doser, in the case of liquid polyelectrolyte is inserted with the dosing pump.

The polyelectrolyte is inserted in the first sector, where dilution occurs with the support of an agitator, then by means of the communicating vessel system enters the second sector in order to activate the preparation for the next use, the Polypreparator is automatic with use of level probes that activate and interrupt the preparation, everything is managed by an electric PLC panel.
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